Trusted, Reliable Timestamping

Tecxoft timestamp service is easy to integrate and comply with international standards and regulations. Service has compliance with RFC 3161 and other policies. You can create legal evidence that a document or file existed at a particular time.

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In the process of digital timestamping, a unique finger-print of your file or data is sent to the Tecxoft TSA service. It is not possible to determine the contents of the data from this hash. In this way your data remains safe on your computer, instead only hash value of your data is transmitted over the network. Digital timestamping is also a requirement for creating long-term valid digital signatures. Service can also be integrated to Adobe Reader as third-party timestamp authority.


Compliance with RFC 3161 and policy requirements for time-stamp authority as mentioned in IETF RFC 3628, it is technicaly equivalent to ETSI TS 102 023. Service is built on latest technology, it is trusted to have good performance. Service offers free evaluation and offers affordable prices. If you are ready to create your account please click get started button below, use the same form to update your account. In the figure below, you can see how it works. If you want to test the service, check more information, click try now. To start using test service please signup for free.

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