Tecxoft digital timestamps comply with IETF RFC 3161 standard. This standard is considered equivalent to standards ISO/IEC 18014-2, ETSI TS 101 861, and ANSI X9.95. Our timestamp token conforms to RFC 3161 and can be supported by any software that has compliance to the standard. Attached to a PDF document Adobe Acrobat can also support RFC3161 timestamps.

Standards And Reliability

Digital timestamp is defined by open standards as part of the digital signatures technology, or Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) technology. The timestamp service has compliance with RFC 3161 and policy requirements for time-stamp authority as mentioned in IETF RFC 3628, it is technically equivalent to ETSI TS 102 023. The ESIGN law in US provides guidelines to eliminate legal barriers to using digital signatures for signing contracts and storing documents. Tecxoft TSA is also consistent with these guidelines. It is acceptable in most European countries and US.

Secure Time Source

Tecxoft TSA uses a secure time source for creating timestamps, it is synchronized with National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Time.

Tecxoft timestamp service provides accuracy in milliseconds. There is no possibility for anyone creating a false timestamp with the service. System has the capability of drift adjustment, but chances are very little for this situation. For more information please refer to Tecxoft TSA practice statement.

Timestamp Verification

Tecxoft TSA has compliance with IETF RFC 3161, a Public Key Infrastructure based standard.

According to the Public Key Infrastructure, timestamp validation has three steps. First, document is checked for any modifications. The actual timestamp token that was returned from the Tecxoft TSA service. The public key of the TSA, all timestamp tokens created by Tecxoft TSA has the public key, that is enclosed in the X509 digital certificate. The digital certificate of the TSA available in the token is used to check the revocation of the certificate.

If the certificate is not revoked or expired, timestamp token is considered valid. Certificate revocation information is periodically published by the TSA, this information is required for timestamp token verification.


Tecxoft offers a free timestamp service for evaluation, please find more information here. Production service price is, a minimum charge of $10 and 30 timestamps for $10. In case, if user is not able to use his/her timestamps, in these conditions full amount can be refunded in 15 days time.


Tecxoft TSA service involves industry standard software and hardware technology to provide maximum performance. It is a multi-threaded system that can process multiple timestamp request. Service offers high availability, resilience and high throughput capability.

Please view our privacy and refund policies here.

If you need some more information please email at info@tecxoft.com.