We are working in the field of information security and public key infrastructure for some years. We are providing our online services as time-stamp service fully compliant with the regulations and concerned RFCs. \ Tecxoft practices latest and proven methodologies in developing its products keeping in view the latest trends and needs of the customers. We are also working in the field of digital signatures using PKI technology.

Our online TSA is state of the art system with quality, robustness and throughput. It is based on the industry leading and proven technology. Our staff is professionally qualified and experienced to handle and maintain the system. Our data center is in US, under a very secure environment, we offer 24 x 365 service, with 99.99% uptime guarantee. Secure hardware and software systems are used to perform the timestamp operations, fully compliant to RFCs and regulations. System auto synchronize with the official internet time servers, it offers accuracy in milliseconds. For using our test service please configure your client software to point to http://tsa.tecxoft.com/test, you can evaluate the service without any inconvenience. This test service is always available for users for testing, it requires http authentication, please signup to access the service.

Proper revocation information in the form of CRLs and OCSP is also available for world-wide timestamp validation. Test timestamps are signed using SHA256 hash algorithm, but with production service other algorithms including SHA512 is also supported. For the proper validation of the timestamps, user are required to add the Tecxoft Root CA to the client software's trust store. After the root CA is added to the trust store, validation process proceeds.

Privacy Policy for www.tecxoft.com

Tecxoft has created this privacy policy statement to demonstrate our commitment to privacy of user information. Following points disclose our information gathering and dissemination practices for this website.

When creating a timestamp using our software and services, user data remains private. Only document hash / fingerprint is transmitted to Tecxoft, actual document cannot be seen. Content of the actual data cannot be determined from hash or fingerprint, hence reverse engineering of hash to produce user document is impossible. IP address of the client system is recorded to administer our website and it helps in diagnosing problems that might arise in our servers. IP data is collected to gather demographic information for reporting purposes.

Setting up an account with Tecxoft requires the user to provide his or her email address. This email is used to contact the user when it may be necessary. This information is not shared with any third-party under any circumstances.

People at Tecxoft are not lawyers and cannot provide legal counsel. The information presented on this website cannot be considered as a substitute for legal advice. Legal issues are dealt with the specific scenario and vary from country to country. Users are advised to consult with an attorney familiar with the issues and local laws.

Copyright is held by Tecxoft, copying is permitted for non-commercial use only, by computerized bulletin board systems or search engines only. Written permission is required for any commercial use of the content of this internet site and its services.

Security Measures

www.tecxoft.com has proper security measures in place to protect its users from any loss, or misuse of any information under our control. Important information such as passwords are saved in encoded form into the database. Although, users are advised to not use the test timestamps for any valuable transaction, as they are only for test purposes. They must upgrade to paid service, so that there timestamps carry proper legal evidence.

Tecxoft is committed to providing its subscribers the best service and experience. It is our pleasure to make a long lasting relationship with users of our services. It is always advisable to contact using email address at info@tecxoft.com. If you have any suggestion or questions about these statements you can also contact us using the contact us form, we appreciate your feedback. We will review your feedback and our team with get back to you soon.

Refund Policy

Tecxoft offers a free timestamp evaluation service that can be used for proper testing. In this way it is easier for the user/subscriber to decide about buying. The test service is as good as the production service, it can be accessed at http://tsa.tecxoft.com/test. After buying if the user is not satisfied in rare cases, company has refund policy of full money in 15 days time. It is in the rare cases that this situation can arise, most of the client are normally satisfied with the service.

For contacting it is advisable to use email.

Phone: 92-310-704-7776

we always appreciate your feedback, so we can improve our service.