TSA Evaluation

Tecxoft offers free evaluation of its timestamp service. Test service uses a standard timestamp RFC-3161 request. The document's fingerprint hash is included within the signed timestamp token response. Service uses X.509 certificate with 2048 bit key. TSA responses are signed by the Tecxoft TSA Test using the RSA/SHA256 algorithm. TSA client applications must trust Tecxoft TSA Test certificate in order to verify the signature on the TSA responses correctly.

Test service is for testing purposes, uses a test certificate, no liability accepted, for proper legal evidence users are advised to upgrade to production service.

TSA Evaluation
For free evaluation of TSA service please provide the server address as mentioned below. Evaluation service requires HTTP authentication, i.e. username and password. Please signup to get your test username and password. Any software application supporting RFC3161 can use the service.

Server URL: http://tsa.tecxoft.com/test

We appreciate your feedback, if you have a query or you want to discuss your requirements please email at support@tecxoft.com.

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